3-6 pm Friday Jan 11 Backyard Vineyards Wine Tasting

2011 Pinot Gris
Our renowned consulting winemaker, Tom DiBello, likes it a little lemony, with some flowery hints hitting the nose first. Maybe just a hint of butterscotch.  Then it gets a little tart along the tongue, with a gentle kick at the finish. Sockeye salmon would love it, or pasta Alfredo (i.e. in a cream sauce or anything at all; it’s one of our most versatile white wines when it comes to matching with food.


2011 Gewürztraminer
Spices and flowers hit the nose first, and then cover the palate; some find honeysuckle in the flavour mix. It’s got fresh fruit ‘n flowers spread all over the tongue with a gently sweet edge in the finish.  Those are the qualities that make it a favourite with Asian cooking or anything spicy.


2010 Syrah
Some find a lot of vanilla in with the big, fat fruit, the black blueberry aspects. One taster said it reminded him of ‘puffed wheat’! That’s one of the nice things about tasting wine—there’s no right or wrong: whatever you find in the taste—there it is, your call, your style. One thing’s for certain: this is a huge wine, nothing wimpy about it.  No doubt but this is one for lamb—chops, riblets, roasts, burgers.


2010 Merlot
Our style of Merlot is soft but peppery…another one for carnivores! Hold the glass up to the light and admire the deep garnet colour. Now, do the swirly thing to release the aromas, and take a good, deep sniff: that’s ripe, rich, solid Okanagan Valley Merlot fruit you’re smelling, with perhaps a hint of green peppers in the mix.  Steaks, with a good rub on them, gourmet burgers, what the French call charcuterie, meaning smoked or cured meats of all kinds—sausages, including pepperoni and salami with plenty of garlic, paté if you like it.

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