Nov 14 e news

Fri 3-6 Gold Medal Tasting, Therapy Vineyards is here Sat 3-6 and more in this weeks e news.  Click here to read more!

Nov 7 e news

Winery Tasting this Fri 3-6 Larry from Stag’s Hollow & Saturday 3-6 Jill from Sperling!

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Oct 31 e news

Welcome to Poplar Grove our Feature Winery of the Month this Friday! Saturday is Sonoran Ranch!

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Oct 24 e news

Sardis Park Wines is the Winner of the Retail Excellence Award

Winery Tasting this Friday Saxon and St Hubertus Saturday

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Oct 17 e news

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Ezra Cipes CEO Summerhill Winery Tasting

Haywire &  Bartier Bros Winery Tasting

Bonitas Winery Tasting