Sat April 28 wine tasting 3-6pm

Come by this Saturday between 3 and 6 pm as Jim from Neck of the Woods Winery pours you a glass of their new feature Spring releases:

2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Our current take on the hugely popular New Zealand variety is gently grassy, green and bright and fresh, but with nice fruit
and weight in the mouth. (If you’ve tasted New Zealand Sauvignon you know it can be harsh and sharp; we think we’ve come up
with the “Goldilocks” version:  not too acidic, not too overstuffed, not too green, not too sweet, but “just right!”).

2011 Gewurztraminer

This is a brand new release and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!  Brand new in store!

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

A never before seen Cabernet from the backyard – Jim says the fruit was too good to blend with Merlot – can’t wait – yummy!

2010 Merlot

Plummy and rich-ripe, like grandma’s best fruit compote; soft and round, deep-red, naturally sweet, a texture of stewed mixed fruit, and oh, those über-ripe plums all along the taste buds. This is a good wine to welcome friends with: pour a glass and everyone feels right at home, enjoying the soft-edged, mellow finish, the touch of sweetness just makes it dance on the tongue.

& a very Small Lot release of 2010 Syrah.