Tastings BRRR! Let’s taste some Port!

Thursday, January 19th and Friday, January 20th 3 – 6pm
For those who missed out on our Port style wine tasting during Christmas, it is the perfect fireplace sipper!

No one knows exactly when port, as we know it, was created. The first wine from Oporto was really just red table wine. A story is told of a wine merchant in Liverpool, who in 1678, sent his sons to Portugal to find a wine source. In the Douro Valley they came upon a monastery in Lamego. The abbot was adding brandy to the wine during rather than after fermentation thereby producing a port-type wine. In any event, sometime during the end of the 1600’s or beginning of the 1700’s, someone came up with the idea of stopping the fermentation with brandy while the wine was still sweet, fruity, and strong.

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