Want to try your own blind tasting?

May 23, 2013

blind tasting bags

I assisted in hosting a wine tasting that included Pinot Noir, Syrah and Bordeaux varietals –  I provided the bottles from BC and a couple of the

guests provided their bottles of Napa wine.

What an exciting tasting – BC vs Napa!

We had the templates all made up at the store prior so when I arrived it was all laid out – Pinot #1 and #2, Syrah #1 and #2 and Bordeaux/Cab #1 and #2.

Of course I had to bring Riedel Varietal specific glasses so the eight of us sat down and had in front of us 2 Pinot glasses, 2 Syrah glasses and 2 Bordeaux.

We started the evening with Champagne (great palate cleanser) and then moved onto our first tasting: Pinot #1 and Pinot #2.

The brown bags were put on the upper area of the kitchen island and I poured each Pinot into the appropriate glass.  We then proceeded to taste.  It was great! At about a 50/50 split, I thought BC did really well, especially

finding out that the “Napa” Pinot they provided was not Napa at all – it was Russian River Valley!

(Remember my wine find in Maui – it was a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir). Not staying by the rules by I forgave them, after all, it was a Russian River Valley and that valley makes delicious Pinot!

Syrah – well of course I brought the 2010 Painted Rock Syrah – my very favorite.  What an elegant, delicious Rhone style of wine. I thought we knocked the Napa out of the park and so was the general consensus among the group.

Bordeaux? – I’ll give them that one – the Hunnicutt was a delicious bottle.

I do have to admit though, they brought out some pretty rare Napa wines for us to taste and my BC just came off the wine store shelf – so an amazing blind tasting and BC faired very well.

Want to try your own blind tasting?  We can help – let us know if you are interested and we can put some “pairing packages” together for you!